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INOKIM International Conference 2020 Tel-Aviv City

Güncelleme tarihi: 12 May

On the 5th of January 2020, INOKIM hosted its first Global Dealer Convention. The conference took place in Tel Aviv and the 35 INOKIM dealers attending arrived from all over Europe as well as Chile, Korea, Jeju Island and more.

One of the conference’s highlights was the reveal of INOKIMs first E-bike, OZOa, as well as its first E-moped, OZOe, which drew a lot of the participant’s attention.

The convention was moderated by Mr. Yoshi Bluth, INOKIMs business development manager. Mr Bluth shared a lot of his personal views and visions on the growing INOKIM brand.

Other speakers were Mr. Lu Lingun (Leon), INOKIM Co-Founder and CEO who shared his and vision about the future of INOKIM company and brand with a special emphasis on the upcoming INOKIM chain of flagstore’s.

Mr. Nimrod Sapir, INOKIM’s founder and designer, shared the history of INOKIM as a pioneer of the E-scooters as a legitimate commuter solution , and his vision of the future of personal mobility.

Other speakers included Mr. Kfir Ben Shoshan, Co-founder and VP of branding and new media and Mr Dror Ben Shoshan our CTO who gave his views regarding the importance of technical knowledge of different INOKIM models with respect to mechanics and electrics. Ms Yu Xinxin (Daisy), INOKIM sales manager, also forecasted the future global sales and market potential of INOKIM.

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